30 Millions D’Amis Foundation: Do not abandon

This is a commercial ad of 30 Millions D’Amis Foundation. This commercial was released in June 2016 in France. Under the title of “30 Millions D’Amis Foundation: Do not abandon”.

The 30 Millions d’Amis Foundation (registered charity) fights on many fronts to defend and protect animals, as well as to educate younger generations to respect all forms of life. Unique in France by the scope of its action and capacity to mobilise society as a whole in favour of the animal cause, its struggles in the field and extensive awareness-raising campaigns make it a key player in the world of animal protection.

As a preferred expert partner for public authorities, the 30 Millions d’Amis Foundation also helps to change legislation in favour of animals. Its action is not restricted to France, but also extends abroad, with added support and strength provided by a massive and highly-mobilised community, which is very active on social media.

It was done by Buzzman, Paris advertising agency. And, the commercial by Production Company is Assya Mediouni and is directed by Vincent Lobelle.
30 Millions D'Amis Foundation Do not abandon
The commercial song is Original Music by Fred Schindler. This song was produced specifically for the commercial and unfortunately, it is not available to purchase or download on any music sites.

Thus, I am not able to get any information about this song. However, if you have any information about this song by any chance, please leave your comment.

Watch the whole advertisement here.

30 Millions D’Amis Foundation: Do not abandon
Client: 30 Millions D’Amis Foundation
Geo: France
Released: June 2016
Advertising Agency: Buzzman, Paris
Production Company: Assya Mediouni
Director: Vincent Lobelle
Producer: Charlotte Lepot
Sound Production: Schmooze
Music: Original Music by Fred Schindler

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