84 Lumber: The Journey Begins

This is a commercial ad of 84 Lumber. This commercial was released in February 2017 in United States. Under the title of “84 Lumber: The Journey Begins”.

Embark on an unforgettable journey. Part 1 of the 84 Lumber Super Bowl commercial. The controversial 84 Lumber Super Bowl ad will debut during halftime.

A job at 84 Lumber means you get to show what you’re made of. We value hard work. Grit. Determination. A positive attitude. And unwavering fortitude. That’s what it takes to be a part of our team.

It was done by Brunner, Pittsburgh advertising agency. And, the commercial by Production Company is Sanctuary Content, Los Angeles and is directed by Cole Webley.
84 Lumber The Journey Begins
The commercial song is Original Music by composer Victor Magro (Future Perfect). This song was produced specifically for the commercial and unfortunately, it is not available to purchase or download on any music sites.

Thus, I am not able to get any information about this song. However, if you have any information about this song by any chance, please leave your comment.

Watch the whole advertisement here.

84 Lumber: The Journey Begins (Super Bowl 2017)
Client: 84 Lumber
Geo: United States
Released: February 2017
Advertising Agency: Brunner, Pittsburgh
Creative Director: Dave Vissat
Chief Creative Officer: Rob Schapiro
Production Company: Sanctuary Content, Los Angeles
Director: Cole Webley
Director of Photography: Justin Brown
Creative Director: Matt Wilson
Line Producer: Christopher Cho
Executive Producer: Preston Lee
Heads of Production: Adam Litt, Leopoldo Luisetti
Production Designer: Christopher Lagunes
Editorial: Final Cut
Editor: Jeff Buchanan
Exec Producer: Sarah Roebuck
Producer: Penny Ensley
Head of Production: Jen Sienkwicz
Assistant Editor: Geoff Hastings
Cutting Assistant: Andre Castiglioni
Visual Effects: Method Studios
Executive Producer: Stuart Robinson
CG Supervisor: Boaz Livny
VFX Supervisor: Eliza Pelham Randall
Flame Artists: Stephen Morris, Jared Pollack
Senior VFX Producer: Bennett Lieber
Color Grading: Company 3
Colorist: Tom Poole
Music: Original Music by composer Victor Magro (Future Perfect)

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