photo Nice to meet you. I have nothing else but I love music so much that if I cant listen to music I show abnormal symptoms, I am sungyoung LEE that likes to listen to music or songs in random no matter what kind of song it is if I like it regardless of the genre.

When I watch the TV or a movie, I wondered what is the music that flows when it starts or ends. I also have much more curiosity than other people, and was upset when I couldn’t find it searching from place to place. So I have grouped the songs that I was curious of when watching the TV or movie so far.

If you look at the blog, the suspended video is not seeable due to license, but drag the advertisement title with the mouse and search it in youtube, you can watch the content, just as a reference.

Also for the advertisement, the specially produced music or song was marked with original soundtrack and even if it’s a song sang delightfully, the cover songs I wish to present to you by always marking the original version.

The mistaken information in the blog, if notified about through the comment, I will revise it right away, and if there are contexts to be supplemented, upload many comments so that the good information can be shared with everyone and I would appreciate if you would evaluate it.

The songs presented in the blog are being presented with a link to preview allowing sites such as Amazon, iTunes, Bandcamp, Google Play Music, myspace, SoundCloud and the other songs are being presented with Free Download provided by artists and advertisement companies.

By providing a motive so that the record writers can concentrate in the composing activity according to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act attempting the development of the positive culture and related industry, there is no illegal download about song files or music in the blog.

Have a nice time!
sungyoung LEE

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