Apple Watch Series 5: This Watch Tells Time

This is a commercial ad of Apple Watch Series 5. This commercial was released in September 2019 in United States. Under the title of “Apple Watch Series 5: This Watch Tells Time”.

New Always-On Retina display. Features to help you stay active, healthy, and connected. Introducing Apple Watch Series 5. This watch tells time. (Among other things.)

This watch has a display that never sleeps.With the new Always-On Retina display, you always see the time and your watch face.

The commercial by Production Company is Reset Content and is directed by Ian Pons Jewell.
Apple Watch Series 5 This Watch Tells Time
This Watch Tells Time.
And takes phone calls.
This watch tells time, and turns on lights, and opens up doors.
This Watch Tells Time.
And communicates with satellites 12,427 miles above the Earth.
It wakes you up… and gets you onto subways.
And plays every Elton John studio album…
Hey Siri, play tumbleweed Connection.
…Ever recorded.
Play Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.
Play Madman Across the Water.
This Watch Tells Time and sets timers.
And sets your pace and warns you when it’s too loud.
And texts your friends, and opens portals.
And tracks your distance underwater.
And starts competitions.
And accepts challenges.
And tracks your workouts.
And tells you which direction you should be going.
And reminds you to breathe.
And has an app that measures the exact timing of the electrical waves traveling through the upper and lower chambers of your heart,
otherwise known as an electrocardiogram.
So in conclusion, just to reiterate, this Watch Tells Time …among other things.

Apple Watch
Series 5

The commercial song is “Sympathy” by Vampire Weekend. For those of you who like this song “Sympathy”, you can download it from Amazon or iTunes.

Watch the whole advertisement here.

Apple Watch Series 5: This Watch Tells Time
Client: Apple Watch
Geo: United States
Released: September 2019
Production Company: Reset Content
Director: Ian Pons Jewell
Line Producer: Aris McGarry
Produciotn Manager: Kevan Dirinpour
Production Service: Unit Sofa
Director of Photography: Mauro Chiarello
Styling: Christina Flannery
Produciton design: Henry Boraros
Gimbal Operator: Gimbalninja
Assistant Director: Robert Phillips
Edit: Shane
VFX: Electric Theatre Collective
Colour Grade: Luke Morrison
Music: Sympathy by Vampire Weekend

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