Calvin Klein: Watches & Jewelry 2017

This is a commercial ad of Calvin Klein. This commercial was released in March 2017 in United States. Under the title of “Calvin Klein: Watches & Jewelry 2017”. And, this commercial was directed by Willy Vanderperre.

2017 Calvin Klein Watches + Jewelry, featuring campaign faces Lulu, Kiki, Jonas, Fernando, Samantha, Dorit and Luc.

I think the best time is always now life is good this a beautiful here it’s a beginning a new story.
I would say the best time in my life was the first time i’ve ever seen snow.
Calvin Klein Watches & Jewelry 2017
♬In between the ring notes where the stars are hiding
In the way that an animal wakes
There is something there♬

♬And the money games from
Every word in silence
In crushed glass by the train line
There is something there
Something is there♬

obviously this has been my best year there’s a lot of people that come and go and she finds a new way of connecting to them summers things change in my life but always go back and it’ll be exactly the same I think I would have my best time of my life yet he’s just one life he’s just one chance.

♬In between the islands where we used to swim
To a place, I am on my way
I am on my way…♬

The commercial song is “Fragment Two” by These New Puritans. For those of you who like this song “Fragment Two”, you can download it from Amazon or iTunes.

Meanwhile, on SoundCloud, you can listen to the entire song without even buying anything, and you can temporarily download it for free.

Watch the whole advertisement here.

Calvin Klein: Watches & Jewelry 2017
Client: Calvin Klein
Geo: United States
Released: March 2017
Director: Willy Vanderperre
Photographer: Willy Vanderperre
Edited: Chrissy Rabe
Actors: Jonas Gloer, Kiki Willems, Luc Defont-Saviard, Lulu
Music: Fragment Two by These New Puritans

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