Capture Youth: The time is now

This is a commercial ad of Capture Youth. This commercial was released in January 2018 in France. Under the title of “Capture Youth: The time is now”.

Discover the new age-delay regimen, aimed at women in their thirties, that acts now to delay future signs of aging. Stay young for longer!

Capture Youth

♬I am (I am) woman (woman)
I am (I am) woman (woman)
I’m a woman
I’m a woman
Yes I am
Ain’t nobody else can do it quite like, like we can♬
Capture Youth The time is now
Tomorrow is too late
Yesterga is over
The time is now
Capture Youth
The new universal mega cream
To extend and reinforce skin potential
Powerful antioxdant skincare
Infused in green-tech actifes


To block the signs of ageing before they asppear
By mixing one of the serums with the creme
your skin completely smooth and more resistant
Stay young for longer
Capture Youth by Dior

The time is now
Capture Youth
The new antioxidant age-delay regimen

The commercial song is “I Am Woman” by Jordin Sparks. For those of you who like this song “I Am Woman”, you can download it from Amazon or iTunes.

Watch the whole advertisement here.

“I know Capture Youth is good because all my girlfriends want to steal it from me” Cara Delevingne.
See it for yourself below:

Capture Youth: The time is now
Client: Dior
Geo: France
Released: January 2018
Actress: Cara Delevingne (English fashion model)
Music: I Am Woman by Jordin Sparks

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