Cisco: The Network. Intuitive. Explained.

This is a commercial ad of Cisco. This commercial was released in August 2017 in United States. Under the title of “Cisco: The Network. Intuitive. Explained.”.

Introducing an entirely new era of networking. Constantly learning. Constantly adapting. Constantly protecting. The Network. Intuitive.

It was done by Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide, New York advertising agency. And, this commercial was directed by Paul Dektor.

What is it that makes us unique as human beings? How is it we come to know when something is right or wrong? How does experience shape our instinct? Is it intellect or something more?
Cisco The Network Intuitive Explained
It’s our intuitive mind that moves us forward. Right now millions of new gadgets, devices, and things are connecting to the internet every day. More devices now than there are people. Think about that. Think about the complexities of that, the automating of that, the securing and protecting of that. We are entering a whole new era, so it makes sense that we can use a very different kind of network. One that sees all this complexity as the enemy and understands that intuition is the entity. Because intuition is the most human element of all. It’s what drives us, informs us. We try something. We learn. We adapt. We go from there.

Now think what it would be like if a network could do the same thing. If it used intuition to drive itself. If it actually had insight in context. If it learned. If it could adapt. If it could predict, fix things before they break. If it could configure millions of connections not in months or even days, but in minutes. Think of it could protect based on what it knew, what it could learn from every attack, if it saw threats even the worms hiding in encrypted traffic, before they happen. So, the more you tried to hack it, the smarter it became.

That’s the network for this new era. Guess what, it’s here now. Among us. More powerful than intellect, more human, more intuitive than anything that’s come before. Constantly learning, constantly adapting, constantly protecting.

The Network

The music and artist in this commercial wasn’t made public, so I can’t find out who they are. If you know the music title and artist, please leave a comment about their information.

Cisco: The Network. Intuitive. Explained.
Client: Cisco
Geo: United States
Released: August 2017
Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide, New York
SVP, Chief Marketing Officer: Karen Walker
VP of Global Corporate Marketing and Branding: Michele Janes
VP Products & Solutions Marketing – Enterprise Segment: Inbar Lasser-Raab
Global Lead, Brand Strategy & Content: Kevin Dunbar
Sr. Manager, Global Advertising: Britt Packouz
Global Executive Creative Director: Dennis Lim
Global Executive Creative Director: Scott Habetz
Chief Creative Officer: Joe Sciarrotta
Freelance Creative Director: Dave O’Hare
Photographer, Filmmaker, Creative Director: Andrew Reed
Executive Content Producer: Mike Diedrich
Management Supervisor: Annie Gray
Senior Partner, Executive Group Director: Laura McCullough
Assistant Account Executive: Rachel Haas
Director of Business Affairs: Peter Fedlman
Director: Paul Dektor
Actor: Peter Dinklage (American actor)
Music: Original Music by Unknown artist

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