Corona: Discover your music

This is a commercial ad of Corona Beer. This commercial was released in November 2015 in Canada. Under the title of “Corona: Discover your music”.

As part of the Corona Capital Music Festival, the Mexican brewery commissioned Mathias Hovgaard to direct the commercial to communicate the event to be held in Mexico City next month.

Featuring as the main act, the singer/songwriter was taken aback by the rising local band The Blenders, who performed right in front of him, but not precisely inside the building, but rather outside, suspended in mid-air and 100 metres above the ground, right next to the skyscraper, with fireworks and smoke included, just as if they were performing on stage in the festival itself.

It was done by Anomaly, Toronto advertising agency. The commercial by Production Company is Crossroads Films and is directed by Mathias Hovgaard.
Corona Discover your music
Wow. Now this is definitely one way to celebrate music with the beer. This is like a genius way to promote your band. Hahahaha. This definitely caught the attention of the music producer. It’s not just your standard way of meeting the producer but they did an outright performance outside the window of the building. I guess the speaker is connected to that room or else he wouldn’t be able to hear the music. Hahaha.

The song and artist in this commercial wasn’t made public, so I can’t find out who they are. If you know the song title and artist, please leave a comment about their information.

Watch the whole advertisement here.

Corona: Discover your music
Client: Corona
Geo: Canada
Released: November 2015
Advertising Agency: Anomaly, Toronto
Production company: Crossroads Films
Director: Mathias Hovgaard
Music: Original Music by Unknown artist

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