Corona: Paraíso Secreto (Desfronterízate y sal de la rutina)

This is a commercial ad of Corona. This commercial was released in September 2017 in Mexico. Under the title of “Corona: Paraíso Secreto (Desfronterízate y sal de la rutina)”.

If you miss you can enjoy parts of the City that you have never seen before. It’s that simple, do you dare? #Desfronterízate

It was done by Wieden+Kennedy, Amsterdam advertising agency. And, the commercial by Production Company is Wieden+Kennedy, Portland and is directed by Quentin van den Bossche.

90% of Lives
Are Spent Inside

So we Beought Paradise
To Mexico City

We Come Alive

This is Living

The commercial song is “Doors Closed Corona” by Noah Woodburn (Joint). However, this song was produced specifically for the commercial and unfortunately, it is not available to purchase or download on any music sites.

Thus, I am not able to get any information about this song. However, if you have any information about this song by any chance, please leave your comment.

Watch the whole advertisement here.

Corona: Paraíso Secreto (Desfronterízate y sal de la rutina)
Client: Corona
Geo: Mexico
Released: September 2017
Advertising Agency: Wieden+Kennedy, Amsterdam
Executive Creative Director: Mark Bernath, Eric Quennoy
Creative Director: Anita Fontaine, Geoffrey Lillemon, Alvaro Sotomayor
Head of Broadcast Production: Joe Togneri
Director of Interactive Production: Kelsie van Deman
Broadcast Producer: Lizzy Harris
Interactive Producer: Annatruus Bakker
Planner: Maria Correa
Head of Digital Strategy and Comms Planning: Greg White
Communications Planner: Hillary Heath
Digital Strategist: Freddie Young
Social Content Strategist: Jordan Sowunmi
Group Account Director: Kirk Johnsen
Account Director: Franky Wardell
Account Executive: Thomas Missault
Creative Developer: Marc Winklhofer
Digital Art Director: Leeza Pritychenko
Digital Project Manager: Dylan Galletly
Project Manager: Janna Boesjes
Business Affairs: Kacey Kelley
Interactive Production: The Mill
Creative Directors: Adam Parry, Adam Grint
Producer: Jarrad Vladich
3D Tech Lead Artist: Ed Thomas
Lead Developer: Roberto Costas Fernandez
3D Art Lead: Dan Moller
Creative Engineer: Noel Drew
Engineer: Martin Thelwell
Event Producer: Eric Alba
Developer: Michael Hunualt
Lead Concept & Environment Design: German Cassado
Concept & Environment Design: Jiyoung Lee, Cameron Johnson
Modelling & Texturing: Marta Carbonell, Michael Greenwood
Rigging: Andres Graichen
Animation: Jesus Parra, Philippe Moine, Kieran Russell, Sinu Raghavan, Appu V, Dhiran Karkera , Roshni Kakad
Event Production: Sicario
Event Producer: Mayari Machado
Assistant Producer: Lilyana Zea
Project Manager: Rodrigo Pérez
Graphic Designer: Marcos Chávez
PR Manager: Eileen Tuma
PR Leader: Carlo Ross
Agency Director: Fernando Gómez
Set Design: Cocolab
Director: Alejandro Machorro
Business Development: Carlos Velazquez
Project Manager: Christian Mejía
Project Producer: Andrés Mejías
Chief Set Designer: Felipe Linares
Set Design Coordinator: Mayra Meneses
Art Department: Luisa Guala, José Luis Cruz, Sebastian Álvarez, Alex Bermeo, Antonio Pirron, Rodrigo da Silva, Epi Calzada
Head Model Maker: José Luis Cruz
Concept Artist: Epi Calzada, Octavio Herrera
Chief Operation Officer: Alejandro Araiza
Logistics and Operations: Jesús Hernandez, Francisco Soto, Christian Romero, Sergio Guzmán, Marco Salazar
Infrastructure: José Luis Patiño
Chief Lighting Designer: Paolo Montiel
Lighting Operator: Gerardo Montes, Valeria González, Jorge Garatachea, Carlos Garatachea
Software Engineer Leader: Josué Ibañez
Software Q.A.: Jerónimo A. Zandi, Eduardo Jimenez
Film Production Company: Wieden+Kennedy, Portland
Director: Quentin van den Bossche
Line Producer: Lizzy Harris
Film Production – Mexico: The Lift
Executive Producer: Ihxel Pérez
Line Producer: Iván Melicoff Abril
Director of Photography: Emilio Valdez
Music Company: Joint
Music: Doors Closed Corona by Noah Woodburn

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