Culligan Water: Drinks Drinks Drinks

This is a commercial ad of Culligan Water. This commercial was released in January 2018 in United States. Under the title of “Culligan Water: Drinks Drinks Drinks”.

Water touches everything in your home. Make that water cleaner, soft, and delicious. You could give your people Culligan Water.

It was done by Fallon, New York advertising agency. And, the commercial by Production Company is Somesuch and is directed by Abteen Bagheri.

♬Da da da da da da da da
I can’t stop it now
I da da da da da da da da
So let’s get up our pump
Drop the water from the bucket
Here and there♬
Culligan Water Drinks Drinks Drinks
Daughters Drink
Pets Drink
Clothes Drink
Skin Drinks
Pasta Drinks
Your whole home drinks
You could give your people Culligan Water
Softening, Filtration, Whole Home
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The commercial song is “Pumper” by Mai Lan. For those of you who like this song “Pumper”, you can download it from Amazon or iTunes.

Culligan Water: Drinks Drinks Drinks
Client: Culligan
Geo: United States
Released: January 2018
Advertising Agency: Fallon, New York
Chief Creative Officer: Jeff Kling
Creative Director: Jason Bottenus
Creative Director: Rick Utzinger
Copy Writer: Megan Winterhalter
Art Director: Steph Hayden
Director of Production: Andrew Koningen
Managing Director: Rocky Novak
Business Lead: Jordan Hoffarber
Account Manager: Profit Idowu
Group Planning Director: Erin Tait
Media Director: Niki Dobratz
Group Media Director: Michael Schwandt
Director of Social & PR: Greg Swan
Associate Director, Social Media: Alexandra Heide
Production Company: Somesuch
Director: Abteen Bagheri
Founding Partner/EP: Tim Nash
Executive Producer: Nicky Barnes
Managing Director: Eric Stern
Head of Production: Kerry Haynie
Producer: Mark Berger
Director of Photography: Isaac Bauman
Editorial: Arcade Edit
Managing Partner: Damian Stevens
EP: Crissy DeSimone
HOP: Kirsten Thon-Webb
Editor: Paul Martinez
Editor: Will Hasell
Assistant Editor: Andy Trecki
Producer: Alexa Atkin
Creative Directors/Partners: Jonah Hall & Kevin Lau
Executive Producer: Sabrina Elizondo
Head of Production: Melody Alexander
Producer: Emily Avoujageli
Lead Flame Artist: Chris DeCristo
Flame Artist: Chris Homel
Flame Assist: Brack Hightchew & Brandon Harden
Art Director: Jon Lorenz
Animation: Daniel Zhang
Animation: Yosh Bolivar
Assistant Sound Design: Kai Paquin
Mix: Loren Silber
Executive Producer: Susie Boyajan
Sound Design: Michael Anastasi
Music: Pumper by Mai Lan


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