Deutsche Bank & Apple Pay: Ba Bing

This is a commercial ad of Deutsche Bank. This commercial was released in January 2019 in Germany. Under the title of “Deutsche Bank & Apple Pay: Ba Bing”.

Ihr Portemonnaie kann künftig zu Hause bleiben, denn mit der Deutschen Bank und Apple Pay zahlen Sie ganz einfach und schnell z.B. mit Ihrem iPhone oder Ihrer Apple Watch. #PositiverBeitrag

It was done by Philipp und Keuntje GmbH, Hamburg advertising agency. And, the commercial by Production Company is ArgentinaCine and is directed by Camila Zapiola.

♬Les rêves des amoureux sont comm'(e) le bon vin
Ils donn(ent) de la joie ou bien du chagrin
Deutsche Bank & Apple Pay
Affaibli par la faim je suis malheureux
Volant en chemin tout ce que je peux
Car rien n’est gratuit dans la vie…♬

The commercial song is “Le Festin” by Camille. For those of you who like this song “Le Festin”, you can download it from Amazon or Itunes.

And this song “Le Festin” was also used in the soundtrack of the American computer-animated comedy film “Ratatouille” that was released on June 29th 2007. Please check the sound tracks of the album “Ratatouille” in advance in Amazon or Itunes.

Watch the whole advertisement here.

Deutsche Bank & Apple Pay: Ba Bing
Client: Deutsche Bank / Apple Pay
Geo: Germany
Released: January 2019
Advertising Agency: Philipp und Keuntje GmbH, Hamburg
Production Company: ArgentinaCine
Director: Camila Zapiola
Music: Le Festin by Camille

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