eos lip balm: The lip balm that makes you smile

This is a commercial ad of eos lip balm. This commercial was released in October 2013 in Canada. Under the title of “eos lip balm: The lip balm that makes you smile”.

It was done by Juniper Park, Toronto advertising agency. And, the commercial by Production Company is Wilfrid Park Films and is directed by Gaysorn Thavat.
eos lip balm The lip balm that makes you smile
Now that we’re together
All alone tonight
Sugar, don’t you start talking
Come on and hold me tight
And, say it with love
Come on now, and say it with a tender touch
Because, words say so little
But your love sweet love
Say it with love
Come on

What the heck? Was that a fruit or a lip balm? Sigh! I guess women always like something cute for their stuff. Just curious though… Does it have flavours? Is that the reason why they are in that odd shape? Coz’ I have a feeling my girlfriend already got one. Hopefully I won’t get confused with it and mix it for my dinner. That would be bad for both of us. Can’t imagine what she’d say to me.

The commercial song is “Say it With Love” by The Exciters. For those of you who like this song “Say it With Love”, you can download it from Amazon or iTunes.

eos lip balm: The lip balm that makes you smile
Client: EOS
Geo: Canada
Released: October 2013
Advertising Agency: Juniper Park, Toronto
Production Company: Wilfrid Park Films
Director: Gaysorn Thavat
Actress: Julia Dalia Amenyogbo
Music: Say it With Love by The Exciters

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