First Choice: Say yes

This is a commercial ad of First Choice. This commercial was released in December 2015 in United Kingdom. Under the title of “First Choice: Say yes”.

First Choice are experts in all inclusive holidays – they’re the only British brand to ONLY sell all inclusive. But in spite of over a third of its target having holiday’d with them in the past they were experiencing a decline in consideration.

We knew this decline was coming from consumer’ impressions of the “all inclusive holiday”. We needed to elevate the impression of an all inclusive holiday – cheap buffets and multi-coloured cocktails – to something closer to the truth: a premium experience, with no compromise on quality.

It was done by RKCR/Y&R, London advertising agency. And the commercial by Production Company is Blink Productions and is directed by Jonathan Herman.

I looked under chairs
I looked under tables
I’m tryin to find the key
To fifty million fables

They call me the seeker
I been searchin low and high

I asked bobby dylan
I asked the beatles
I asked timothy leary
But he couldn’t help me either

They call me the seeker
I been searchin low and high

I’m lookin for me
You’re lookin for you
Were lookin at each other and we don’t know what to do

They call me the seeker
I been searchin low and high

The commercial song is “The Seeker” by The Who. For those of you who like this song “The Seeker”, you can download it from Amazon or iTunes.

I couldn’t get any information about the actress.
Who is she?

First Choice: Say yes
Client: First Choice
Geo: United Kingdom
Released: December 2015
Advertising Agency: RKCR/Y&R, London
Production company: Blink Productions
Director: Jonathan Herman
Music: The Seeker by The Who

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