FLOWER BY KENZO: The power of a flower

This is a commercial ad of KENZO. This commercial was released in December 2015 in France. Under the title of “FLOWER BY KENZO: The power of a flower”.

The poppy has no fragrance. Its only language is colour. A vibrant, pure
red; a touch of the fantastic. Kenzo created its perfume.

FLOWER BY KENZO was born of a poetic daring : to bring a flower forth in the city. A strong, liberated flower, to pierce the concrete and infuse the air with its magic. A flower to touch women. A flower to make the world a more beautiful place.

The commercial by Production Company is Iconoclast, Paris and is directed by Patrick Guedj.

♬Sweet child in time
You’ll see the line
The lines that’s drawn between
Wait for the ricochet
Oooooo ooooooo ooooooo♬

The power of a flower

The commercial song is “Child in time” by Deep Purple. For those of you who like this song “Child in time”, you can download it from Amazon or iTunes.

Watch the whole advertisement here.

FLOWER BY KENZO: The power of a flower
Client: KENZO
Geo: France
Released: December 2015
Production : Iconoclast, Paris
Director: Patrick Guedj
Cameraman: George Lechaptois
Post Production: Mc Guff
Chief Creative Officer: Patrick Guedj
Account Manager: Thérèse Sayarath
Producer: Rémy Badan
Actress: Ming Xi (Chinese fashion model)
Music: Child in time by Deep Purple

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