Fortnight Lingerie: Super Sexy CPR

This is a commercial ad of Fortnight Lingerie. This commercial was released in May 2010 in Canada. Under the title of “Fortnight Lingerie: Super Sexy CPR”.

Toronto based Fortnight Lingerie is breathing life back into the frigid world of underwear marketing. With so many larger lingerie companies competing for market share, independent retailer Fortnight needed to create a campaign that could break through the clutter on an extremely limited budget. And what better way to get some attention than some Super Sexy CPR? To illustrate that absolutely any scenario can be made sexier with the help of their designer lingerie, Fortnight partnered with advertising agency Red Urban Toronto to create

An instructional website with a seriously steamy twist, Super Sexy CPR features two gorgeous female models adorned in Fortnight Lingerie practicing the life-saving, hip-thrusting, mouth-to-mouth-breathing steps of CPR. And if anyone is paying attention (and we know you are) their technique is 100% accurate.

It was done by Red Urban, Toronto advertising agency. And, the commercial by Production Company is Untitled Films and is directed by Curtis Wehrfritz.

The commercial song is “Flatline” by Adam All. For those of you who like this song “Flatline”, you can download it from Amazon or iTunes.

Why not be sexy, and learn how to potentially save a life? For more information, refer to the company homepage. more

Fortnight Lingerie: Super Sexy CPR
Client: Fortnight Lingerie
Geo: Canada
Released: May 2010
Advertising Agency: Red Urban, Toronto
Production Company: Untitled Films
Director: Curtis Wehrfritz
Director of Photography: Curtis Wehrfritz
Stylist: Vanessa Fischer
Make-Up: Kristen Browning
Music: Flatline by Adam All

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