Freshpet: Awakening

This is a commercial ad of Freshpet. This commercial was released in May 2019 in United States. Under the title of “Freshpet: Awakening”.

How would dogs react if they knew the truth about what they’ve been eating? Why not show them and see? Inspired by the phenomenon of YouTube reaction videos, this campaign “exposes” dogs to the icky ingredients that make up their dry dog food.

Their hilarious reactions show pet owners everywhere that it’s time for fresher, healthier food. Food with real ingredients, and actual expiration dates.

It was done by Terri & Sandy, New York advertising agency. And, the commercial by Production Company is Schrom and is directed by Ahad Mahmood.
Freshpet Awakening
Hey little fella.
Big guy.
You know we love you.
But while our food has gotten healthier, your food hasn’t really changed, with its powdered meat, spray on flavor, and preservatives that make it last way too long.
It’s time for fresh meat and veggies – real food, with expiration dates, that belongs in the fridge next to our food.
Now, who’s hungry?
Freshpet. It’s time for fresh.

The commercial song is “Blue Skies Ahead” by Young Presidents. For those of you who like this song “Blue Skies Ahead”, you can download it from PremiumBeat.

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Watch the whole advertisement here.

Freshpet: Awakening
Client: Freshpet
Geo: United States
Released: May 2019
Advertising Agency: Terri & Sandy, New York
Associate Creative Director: Ali Eng
Executive Producer: Michelle Strank
Managing Director: Tony Scopellito
Integrated Account Director: Lauren Rubenstein
Account Supervisor: Halle Mizrahi
Account Executive: Josh Bablin
Production Company: Schrom
Director: Ahad Mahmood
Executive Producer: Carl Sturges
Editorial Company: PS260
Editor: Dustin Stephens
Executive Producer: Laura Patterson
Assistant Editor: Sarah Sachs
Music: Blue Skies Ahead by Young Presidents

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