Goodyear: Make a Name

This is a commercial ad of Goodyear. This commercial was released in February 2018 in United States. Under the title of “Goodyear: Make a Name”.

Those who live up to their names, make one for themselves.

It was done by GSD&M, Austin advertising agency. And, the commercial by Production Company is Skunk and is directed by Brent Harris.

♬Like the pine trees lining the winding road
I got a name, I got a name
Like the singing bird and the croaking toad
I got a name, I got a name
And I carry it with me like my daddy did
But I’m living the dream that he kept hid
Goodyear Make a Name
Moving me down the highway
Rolling me down the highway
Moving ahead so life won’t pass me by…♬

Those who live up to their names
Make one for themselves
More driven

What is this song? I can’t find any information about this song.

The commercial song is “I Got A Name” by A.J. Croce. For those of you who like this song “I Got A Name”, you can download it from Amazon or iTunes.

Watch the whole advertisement here.

Goodyear: Make a Name
Client: Goodyear
Geo: United States
Released: February 2018
Advertising Agency: GSD&M, Austin
Chief Creative Officer: Jay Russell
Group Creative Directors: Bill Bayne, Bill Marceau
Creative Directors: Dale Austin, Brandon Curl
Director of Production: Jack Epsteen
Producer: Stefany Strah
Director of Business Affairs: Lindsay Wakabayashi
Associate Director of Business Affairs: Lara Drew
Chief Strategist: Andrew Teagle
VP Group Strategy Director: John D’Acierno
Strategist: Nick Howard
Project Manager: Christie Lyons
Public Relations: Chelsey Korman
Production Company: Skunk
Director: Brent Harris
Executive Producer: Jeanne Stawiarski
Directory of Photography: Justin Brown
Line Producer: Ed Callaghan
Post Production Company: Spot Welders
Visual Effects Company: Shipping + Handling
Music Company: Pony Sound
Actors: AJ Croce, Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Music: I Got A Name by A.J. Croce

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