Huawei: P10

This is a commercial ad of Huawei. This commercial was released in February 2017 in United Kingdom. Under the title of “Huawei: P10”.

Change the way the world sees you, through the lens of the Huawei P10. Designed to perfection and with a Leica Dual-Camera 2.0. Are you ready to capture every moment with the #HuaweiP10?

Put a portrait studio in your pocket. The new Leica Dual Camera 2.0 uses precise 3D facial detection, dynamic illumination, and natural portrait enhancements to produce stunning artistic portrait shots in Leica image style.

It was done by WPP Team Huawei advertising agency. And, the commercial by Production Company is Iconoclast and is directed by Paul Gore.

There’s a lot of me
Take it off
Glitter and gloss runs deep
Like a silver screen
Take me back
Show me what I failed to see

Like an empty canvas, hear me cry
Like a masterpiece, I’m in your eyes
Now your colors are in front of me
We’re a picture-perfect oddity

Make every shot a cover shot
Huawei P10 | P10 Plus

The commercial song is “Glitter & Gloss” by Skott. For those of you who like this song “Glitter & Gloss”, you can download it from Amazon or iTunes.

In addition, the official Youtube channel of Skott provides the official music video of this song “Glitter & Gloss”.

Huawei: P10
Client: Huawei
Geo: United Kingdom
Released: February 2017
Advertising Agency: WPP Team Huawei
Copywriter: Colin Nimick
Planning team: David Hofmeyr
Production company: Iconoclast
Director: Paul Gore
Producers: Anna Smith, Tom Knight
Post production: The Mill
Post production producer: Misha Standford-Harris
Music: Glitter & Gloss by Skott

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