I Am Vodka: Sabel Gonzales

This is a commercial ad of I Am Vodka. This commercial was released in September 2016 in Denmark. Under the title of “I Am Vodka: Sabel Gonzales”.

The most important things in life are worth fighting for and they come at a price. We are proud to present Sabel Gonzales and with her, our campaign site www.thepriceofbeingme.com.

A campaign dedicated to you, to peace and to a love that does not care about your religion, gender or nationality. We are immensely proud of Sabel and the work we are presenting today. We hope you will enjoy it and join us at #thepriceofbeingme.

It was done by Butter, Copenhagen advertising agency. And the commercial by Production Company is Prener Film and is directed by Christian Prener.

Seventeen friends
Eight aunts and uncles
Get out of here! You’re not welcome here anymore!
One parent
For god sake’
Two jobs
You’re fired!
Four broken ribs,
twelve thousand dollars
Nine operations
This is the prics of being me
I am Sabel Gonzales
male by birth,
woman by heart
I Am Vodka Sabel Gonzales
The most waluable things don’t come cheap
Being yourself is no exception

Normal to me is to live and be who you are and what you are
You know?
I don’t care about the people and what they say
Because I know That I have my family, I have my friends
who will accept me and respect me for being who I am
and that makes me stonger
to live happy, you know?
and be satisfied for being a transgender
I feel like a woman, I feel like a girl
So, I feel that I am a woman’s soul,
but trapped in a man’s body
You know what I mean?


The commercial song is “Sunday Slut” by Whyte. For those of you who like this song “Sunday Slut”, you can download it from Amazon or Itunes.

Watch the whole advertisement here.

I Am Vodka: Sabel Gonzales
Client: I Am Vodka
Geo: Denmark
Released: September 2016
Advertising Agency: Butter, Copenhagen
Production Company: Prener Film
Director: Christian Prener
Director of Photography: Daniel Venosa
Actor: Sabel Gonzales (Transgender Model)
Sound design: Peter Nørgaard
Music Production: David Olafson & Christian Prener
Music: Sunday Slut by Whyte

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