IKEA: Stuff Monster

This is a commercial ad of IKEA. This commercial was released in September 2019 in Canada. Under the title of “IKEA: Stuff Monster”.

Letting go of stuff that’s weighing us down feels good. Letting go of it responsibly feels even better. Instead of throwing old furniture away, pass it on to a new home, and witness the beautiful possibilities that can come from giving old things a new life.

From turning recycled waste into new products, to using renewable and longer lasting materials, we’re incorporating circularity into every step of our production system.

We believe that by 2030, our circularity initiatives can enable more than 1 billion people to make choices that help preserve the health of our planet.

It was done by Rethink, Toronto advertising agency. And, the commercial by Production Company is Scouts Honour and is directed by Mark Zibert.

♬Bring tea for the Tillerman
Steak for the sun
Wine for the women who made the rain come
Seagulls sing your hearts away
‘Cause while the sinners sin, the children play
IKEA Stuff Monster
Oh Lord how they play and play
For that happy day, for that happy day…♬

What’s old can be new again.
The Beautiful Possibilities.

The commercial song is “Tea For The Tillerman” by Cat Stevens. For those of you who like this song “Tea For The Tillerman”, you can download it from Amazon or iTunes.

And, yet another version, like a video, was used in a IKEA commercial, but the song used in the commercial has another commercial.

Watch the whole advertisement here.

IKEA: Stuff Monster
Client: IKEA
Geo: Canada
Released: September 2019
Advertising Agency: Rethink, Toronto
Executive Creative Director: Aaron Starkman, Christina Yu
Creative Director: Joel Holtby, Dhaval Bhatt
Account Director: Sarah Reidinger
Account Manager: Daniel Riggi
Producer: Erica Metcalfe
Production Company: Scouts Honour
Director: Mark Zibert
Director of Photography: Christopher Mably
Live Action Producer: Rita Popielak
Production Supervisor: Simon Dragland
Animation Company: A52
Music: Tea For The Tillerman by Cat Stevens


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