Jaguar: Playground

This is a commercial ad of Jaguar. This commercial was released in June 2018 in Poland. Under the title of “Jaguar: Playground”.

Alessandro Pacciani, with the help of Platige Image, has created a “smashing” new project, Jaguar Playground. In the nonstop spot, you will immerse yourself in tracking the city’s car by camera work, editing, a combination of stunt scenes and CG elements in multiple VFX shots. Along the Shirley Temple’s classic “Oh My Goodness”, this project is not your typical automotive industry promotion piece.

It was done by Spark44h, Warsaw advertising agency. And, this commercial was directed by Alessandro Pacciani.

Filmed on closed roads with professional drivers.
Do not attempt. Always obey local speed limits.
Jaguar Playground
♬Oh me, oh my
I’m so sad that I could cry
With a very good reason why
I’ve no one to be gay with
That’s why I wear a frown
No children I can play with
London bridge is falling down
My fair lady
I wanna make mud pies
In fact I’d like to be a mess
I wanna make mud pies
I know that I’d find happiness
If I got jam on my fingers
Chocolate on my face
And molasses all over my dress
You’re the only friends I’ve ever had
But one minute you’re good
And the very next minute you’re bad!
At times I ought to hate you
You make me feel so blue
But honest I can’t hate you
When you smile at me the way you do
Oh, my goodness!…♬

4 Seconds Later
Come Out To Play

The Art of Performance

The commercial song is “Oh, My Goodness” by Shirley Temple. For those of you who like this song “Oh, My Goodness”, you can download it from Amazon or iTunes.

Watch the whole advertisement here.

Jaguar: Playground
Client: Jaguar
Geo: Poland
Released: June 2018
Advertising Agency: Spark44h, Warsaw
Director: Alessandro Pacciani
Director of Photography: Shane Hurlbut / ASC
Editor: Marco Battiloro
Post Production: Platige Image
VFX Producer: Zicz
VFX Supervisor: Marek Gajowski
Production Manager: Mateusz Wiśniewski
Music: Oh, My Goodness by Shirley Temple

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