Kerrygold: Made for This Moment

This is a commercial ad of Kerrygold. This commercial was released in November 2016 in United States. Under the title of “Kerrygold: Made for This Moment”.

An American boy, an Irish girl, and a thoughtful gesture that brings their worlds together. See how Kerrygold was made for this moment.

Kerrygold butters and cheeses are made with milk from grass-fed cows for a taste that brings everyday moments to life. It makes even the simple things feel a little more special.

It was done by Energy BBDO, Chicago advertising agency. And the commercial by Production Company is Biscuit Filmworks and is directed by Aaron Ruell.
kerrygold new kid
Forever I will love you girl
Forever you will be my world
Forever I will be your pet
For you’re the girl I haven’t met
Your eyes will find me on the street
Your heart will warm me to my feet
My feet will follow where my heart will go
For you’re the girl I’d like to know
None of my dreams could ever be as rich as the one’s I dream of you
I could never sleep at night
If I thought I’d never love you right
I do

The commercial song is “The Girl I Haven’t Met” by Nate Richert. For those of you who like this song “The Girl I Haven’t Met”, you can download it from Amazon or iTunes.

Watch the whole advertisement here.

Kerrygold: Made for This Moment
Client: Kerrygold
Geo: United States
Released: November 2016
Advertising Agency: Energy BBDO, Chicago
Art Director: Elaine Kalvelage
Executive Producer: John Pratt
Director of Music: Daniel Kuypers
Managing Director: Jeff Adkins
Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks
Director: Aaron Ruell
Managing Director: Shawn Lacy
Executive Producer: Holly Vega
Producer: Jonathan Wang
Editorial Company: Beast
Editor: Angelo Valencia
Producer: Joanna Woods
Visual Effects: Method Studios
Music: The Girl I Haven’t Met by Nate Richert

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