LG Electronics: LG B&Binge

This is a commercial ad of LG Electronics. This commercial was released in July 2018 in United States. Under the title of “LG Electronics: LG B&Binge”.

The ultimate binge-watching experience is here. Binge watch your favorite shows from the world of your favorite shows, on the best TV ever, LG OLED TV. Enter for an opportunity to win a 2-night stay with LG B&Binge. Contest ends 9/27. Rules apply. #LGBinge #Netflix

It was done by FCB New York, New York advertising agency. And, the commercial by Production Company is Greenpoint Pictures and is directed by The Hudson Dusters.
LG Electronics LG B&Binge
Imagine Binge-Watching
Your Favorite Shows

From The World of
Your Favorite Shows

On The Best TV Ever

The LG

The commercial song is “Epic Music/ Stock track” by composer Gavin Luke. However, this song was produced specifically for the commercial and unfortunately, it is not available to purchase or download on any music sites.

Thus, I am not able to get any information about this song. However, if you have any information about this song by any chance, please leave your comment.

Watch the whole advertisement here.

LG Electronics: LG B&Binge
Client: LG
Geo: United States
Released: July 2018
Advertising Agency: FCB New York, New York
Worldwide Creative Partner: Fred Levron
Executive Creative Director: Stu Mair
Associate Creative Directors: Laszlo Szlodoba, Alex Sprouse & Akos Papp
Designer: Alan Vladusic
Project Manager: Jesse Morris
Production Company: Greenpoint Pictures
Directors: The Hudson Dusters
Owner & director: Michael Kuhn
Director: Niles Roth
Executive Producers: Tatiana Rudzinski & Jordana Freydberg
Line Producer: Luke Stevens
Post Producer: Tori Vallas
Editor: Joe Walker
Music: Epic Music/ Stock track by composer Gavin Luke

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