Microsoft: 3D Holiday

This is a commercial ad of Microsoft. This commercial was released in December 2017 in United States. Under the title of “Microsoft Windows: 3D Holiday”

When we are inclusive and celebrate our differences we can make the world a better place. 3D Holiday tells the story of a young girl who goes on an imaginary adventure through space where she and “Gabe the Yeti” encounter various characters who need a little love and support, culminating in a celebration for all.

In this ad we show Paint 3D, a creativity app available on all Windows 10 PCs. We also feature Remix 3D, a community site for sharing and evolving creations; the majority of the characters in the ad were inspired by those available on Remix 3D. Join in and create your own 3D character.

It was done by m:united/McCann, New York & Blk-Ops advertising agency. And, the commercial by Production Company is The Directors Bureau and is directed by Marc Smith & MPC Creative.

♬I’ll tell the world, I’ll sing a song
It’s a better place since you came along
Since you came along
Your touch is sunlight through the trees
Your kisses are the ocean breeze
Everything’s alright when you’re with me

And ah ah ah ah ah, you’re my favorite thing
Ah ah ah ah ah, all the love that you bring
But it feels like I’ve opened my eyes again
And the colors are golden and bright again
There’s a song in my heart, I feel like I belong
It’s a better place since you came along♬

Create a Better World
Join us at

The commercial song is “Better Place” by Rachel Platten. For those of you who like this song “Better Place”, you can download it from Amazon or iTunes.

In addition, the official Youtube channel of Rachel Platten provides the official music video of this song “Better Place”.

Microsoft Windows: 3D Holiday
Client: Microsoft
Geo: United States
Released: December 2017
Advertising Agency: m:united/McCann, New York & Blk-Ops
CVP, Brand, Advertising and Research, MSFT: Kathleen Hall
GM, Global Advertising: Deana Singleton
Director, Global Advertisings: Stacey Terrien, Jenny Leahy
Manager, Global Advertisings: Hannah Westing, Danna Brokaw
Art Director, Windows Next: Alberto Cerriteno
Manager, Global Advertising: Dawn Novak
Co-Chief Creative Officers: Sean Bryan, Tom Murphy
Founder, Blk-Ops: Andrew Panay
CCO, Blk-Ops: Brian Klugman
EVP, Executive Creative Directors: Daniela Vojta, Susan Young
Creative Directors: Todd Brown, Dan Kim
Copywriter: Elina Rudkovskaya
Senior Designer: Andre DeCastro
Creative Technologist: Alicia Foor
EVP, Head of Integrated Production: Aaron Kovan
VP, Senior Producer: Mel Senecal
Producer: Monique Fitzpatrick
Digital Producers: Sean Flanigan, Charlotte Popper
SVP, Director of Project Management: Stella Warkman
Project Manager: Jessica Jacobson
President: John Dunleavy
Managing Director: Kevin Nelson
EVP, Executive Account Director: Tina Galley
SVP, Group Account Directors: Darla Price, Sarah Keiber
Account Director: Pat Six
Account Supervisors: Ellie Choi, Molly Raker
EVP, Global Strategy Director: Michelle Kiely
SVP, Group Strategy Director: Todd Sussman
Strategy Director: Justin Ballheim
Senior Social Strategist: Jordan Berger
SVP, Executive Music Producer: Eric Johnson
Music Associate: Sam Belkin
Production Company: The Directors Bureau
Edit / Animation / Post: MPC
Animation Directors: Marc Smith, MPC Creative
Managing Director: Camila De Biaggi
Head of Production: Brendan Kahn
VFX Supervisor: Rob Hodgson
Producer: Katie Buckley
Producer: Matthew Loranger
3D Supervisor: Chris Bernier
2D Lead: Tobey Lindback
Editors: Ethan Simmons, Catherine Gionfriddo
Colorist: Adrian Seery
Mix: Heard City
Media: Carat
Music: Better Place by Rachel Platten

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