Movistar: Love Story

This is a commercial ad of Movistar. This commercial was released in April 2017 in Mexico. Under the title of “Movistar: Love Story”.

There are many stories in the digital world. Let’s not keep telling stories like this. #ConcienciaMovistar

It was done by Y&R, Mexico City advertising agency. And, the commercial by Production Company is Wabi Productions and is directed by Andrew Lang.

Mia Aguirre sent you a friend request.

♬I saw the part of you that only when you’re older
You’ll see too, you’ll see too
I have the better cars whatever stroke of luck
It’s gotta bleed through, it’s gotta bleed through
You have the balance i have the time that only blindly
I could read you, i could read you
It’s like you told me
Go for slowly
It’s not a race to the end
You look like yourself
But you’re somebody else…♬
Movistar Love Story
Hi Mia, how are you?
Pff, I’m bored:(
Send me a pic!
Pic? what kind of pic?
Just whatever you’re doing;)
:O you’re crazy… lol
But I love it
Are you there?
I want to ask you something
Yep, what’s up?
When will we meet?
Friday? at the park?
Yay! But how will I know it’s you?
I’ll wear a black jacket
Ok, I’ll wear pink :)))

150 Million fake profiles live on social media
Not everyone is who you think they are

The commercial song is “You’re Somebody Else” by Flora Cash. For those of you who like this song “You’re Somebody Else”, you can download it from Amazon or iTunes.

In addition, the official Youtube channel of Flora Cash provides the official music video of this song “You’re Somebody Else”.

Watch the whole advertisement here.

Movistar: Love Story
Client: Movistar
Geo: Mexico
Released: April 2017
Advertising Agency: Y&R, Mexico City
Creative Director: Luis Madruga Enríquez, Rodrigo Casas
CEO: Héctor Fernández
CCO: Saúl Escobar
General Creative Director: Karla Santa Anna
Producer: Juan Pablo Osio
VP Client Services: Adriana Veytia
VP Planning: Natalia Berrio
Head of Art: Luis Madruga Enríquez
Copywriter: Rodrigo Casas
Production Company: Wabi Productions, partner to The Sweet Shop
Director: Andrew Lang
Managing Director: Alan Suárez
Managing Executive Producer: Denise Mendoza
Executive Producer: Melissa Brown
DOP: Rafael Lluch
1st AD: Jorge Sempre
Production Manager: Adriana Vera
Music: You’re Somebody Else by Flora Cash

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