This is a commercial ad of Old Navy. This commercial was released in March 2017 in United States. Under the title of “Old Navy: Hi, Rollers”.

Old Navy’s on a roll with Spring’s best style and Spring’s best sale: 40% off your entire purchase! That’s right: get 40% off dresses, shorts, jeans — everything you need for Spring. Hurry in to Old Navy or today! Hi, Fashion. Old Navy. Valid 3/31-4/3, excludes gift cards, register-lane items, jewelry, today-only and 2-day-only deals.

It was done by Chandelier Creative, New York advertising agency.
Old Navy Hi Rollers
♬Where can I leave my father’s ride?
Wake me up when the voices die
Do me like you might know my mind
Carry me to the other side

Running, running, running, running behind yeah
I’m always really running behind, yo
Running, running, running, running behind yeah
I’m always really running behind, yo
Running, running, running, running behind yeah
I’m always really running behind, yo
Running, running, running, running behind yeah
I’m always really running behind, yo♬

Get 40% off your entire purchase. Hi fashion. Old Navy.

The commercial song is “Running Behind” by Holychild. For those of you who like this song “Running Behind”, you can download it from Amazon or iTunes.

In addition, the official Youtube channel of Holychild provides the official music video of this song “Running Behind”.

Old Navy: Hi, Rollers
Client: Old Navy
Geo: United States
Released: March 2017
Advertising Agency: Chandelier Creative, New York
Music: Running Behind by Holychild

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  1. The girl in the pink helmet, WOW JUST WOW! She reminds me sooo much of my ex fiancee’ who was from Nicaragua.
    She was 24 when I returned from Costa Rica ( where we lived together for 3 years) to get a fiancee’ visa for her to come to USA so we could marry.
    She wanted to marry in Costa Rica but I thought it would get her into USA faster with a fiance’ visa than a spousal visa.
    She wanted a baby sooo bad and she finally decided ( correctly) that I would not get a vasectomy reversal operation so that we could have a child. So while I was in USA for 1 year getting the visa, she went ahead and married someone else and had a baby with him.
    Now since the time period for pregnancy is 9 months, it means she either met someone just as soon as I left and married that fast…….OR more likely she had this guy on standby the whole time we were together ( 3 years).
    But at 63 years of age I just did NOT want a new baby, and the cost to have a child in USA is phenomenal! The girls in these 3rd world countries don’t have the concept of the costs in USA since they have so much familial support in their home countries and the babies either make it or they don’t ( from the healthcare in their countries).
    Incidentally the same thing happened to me while having a young fianc’e in the Philippines, she had a baby with another guy while I had returned to USA for 1 year to do the fiancé process.
    You see in these countries EVERYBODY has a baby, their sisters, their nieces or cousins or any female walking. It is just the thing to do and if you don’t have children, something is wrong with you.
    Since there is no social backup for support , you have children so that you will have someone to care for you in your old age.
    Next time I will search for a woman instead of a girl and she will either already have a child or she has decided she never will. But I will miss training them ha ha.
    You need to know 1 thing and that is that the females of Philippines have been raised to take care of their man, it’s absolutely WONDERFUL and I probably shouldn’t have let that secret out of the bag.
    WONDERFUL WOMEN, WONDERFUL COUNTRY! Can’t say enough nice things about the people of the Phils. And conversely I can’t say much nice about the people of Central America.

  2. Who is this beautiful female creature in the pink helmet riding the skateboard in this commercial? If you read this sweetie, get in touch with me …….Please!

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