Petit Bateau: Ça plane pour moi

This is a commercial ad of Petit Bateau. This commercial was released in August 2017 in France. Under the title of “Petit Bateau: Ça plane pour moi”.

A child’s daily routine is the perfect test for their clothing quality. At Petit Bateau we’re convinced! Discover our new campaign and follow the day of a little boy full of energy with his friends. Leo’s favorite mariniere adventures! And you, what are the worst things that your little ones did to their clothes?

It was done by BETC Paris, Pantin advertising agency. And, the commercial by Production Company is Control and is directed by Luis Cervero.

♬Yam! Bam! mon chat Splash
Git sur mon lit a bouffe
Sa langue en buvant tout mon whisky
Quant a moi peu dormi, vide, brime
J’ai du dormir dans la gouttiere
Ou j’ai eu un flash
En quatre couleurs
Petit Bateau Ça plane pour moi
Ca plane pour moi ca plane pour moi
Ca plane pour moi moi moi moi moi
Ca plane pour moi
Ca plane pour moi

Allez hop! la nana quel panard!
Quelle vibration!
De s’envoyer sur le paillasson
Limee, ruinee, videe, comblee
You are the King of the divan!
Qu’elle me dit en passant
I am the King of the divan♬

For Serious Kids.
Petit Bateau

The commercial song is “Ca Plane Pour Moi” by Plastic Bertrand. For those of you who like this song “Ca Plane Pour Moi”, you can download it from Amazon or iTunes.

Watch the whole advertisement here.

Petit Bateau: Ça plane pour moi
Client: Petit Bateau
Geo: France
Released: August 2017
Advertising Agency: BETC Paris, Pantin
Chief Creative Officer: Rémi Babinet
Creative Director: Damien Bellon
Creatives: Juri Zaech, Albert Yvert, Samuel Moore, Juri Zaech
Production Company: Control
Director: Luis Cervero
Music: Ca Plane Pour Moi by Plastic Bertrand

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