Rema 1000: God Jul

This is a commercial ad of Rema 1000. This commercial was released in December 2015 in Norway. Under the title of “Rema 1000: God Jul”.

The tagline of REMA 1000 was made “fifteen times better” fifteen years ago. When McCann · Oslo won the campaign this year, they brought that great result. At this point of contact you will probably find brothers trying to find a way to repair the fence after a long cleft between brothers. His grand daughter said, “I am sorry.

Ultimately he drove towards the brother’s house, and despite the exterior, it looked as if he had carried the weight of this rift quietly over the shoulder for years and it was simple and filled with heart God Jul or Merry Christmas.

It was done by McCann, Oslo advertising agency. The commercial by Production Company is Fantefilm and is directed by Marius Holst.

Grandpa: They say that time heals all wounds, but standing here does not mean that I take all the blame for what’s happened between us.
Granddaughter: Perhaps you could find another way of putting it?
Grandpa: How about this one, then? My first memory of you, other than the fact that you always so greedy…
Granddaughter: No!
Grandpa: Then what do you expect from me?
Granddaughter: You could say you’re sorry.
Grandpa: For the way he’s been acting? Buttering up with Dad and being Mom’s golden boy?
Granddaughter: If I was you brother now, what would you say to me?
Grandpa: Grumpy pants!
Granddaughter: Grandpa, get a grip!
Grandpa: After careful consideration it is my assessment that…
Granddaughter: No
Grandpa: The holidays give time to reflect and contemplate…
Granddaughter: Nope.
Grandpa: In retrospect, some will say…
Granddaughter: Um…
Grandpa: this is leading nowhere.
Grandpa: Merry Christmas.
Simple is often better

The commercial song is “It’s Christmas, But It’s Not White Here In Our Town” by Kishi Bashi. For those of you who like this song “It’s Christmas, But It’s Not White Here In Our Town”, you can download it from Amazon or iTunes.

Watch the whole advertisement here.

Rema 1000: God Jul
Client: Rema 1000
Geo: Norway
Released: December 2015
Advertising Agency: McCann, Oslo
Production company: Fantefilm
Director: Marius Holst
Music: It’s Christmas, But It’s Not White Here In Our Town by Kishi Bashi

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