Sanispira: Allergia

This is a commercial ad of SANISPIRA. This commercial was released in March 2016 in Italy. Under the title of “Sanispira: Allergia”.

SANISPIRA is the first and only device intranasal protective equipment with soft anti-allergic, an effective, practical, simple, highly technological, hygienic and customizable. We do not notice, very light and does not obstruct breathing.

Sanispira Allergia
It was done by White, Red & Green, Milan advertising agency. And, the commercial by Production Company is Movie Magic International and is directed by Gigi Cassano.

The music and artist in this commercial wasn’t made public, so I can’t find out who they are. If you know the music title and artist, please leave a comment about their information.

Watch the whole advertisement here.

Sanispira: Allergia
Client: Sanispira
Geo: Italy
Released: March 2016
Advertising Agency: White, Red & Green, Milan
Production Company: Movie Magic International
Director: Gigi Cassano
Music: Original Music by Unknown artist

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