Subway Signature Wraps: Rocking Horse

This is a commercial ad of Subway. This commercial was released in March 2018 in United States. Under the title of “Subway Signature Wraps: Rocking Horse”.

Ready for something exciting? Introducing all-new Subway® Signature Wraps. Double meat. Double flavor. This is how you wrap.

It was done by MMB, Boston advertising agency.

Ready For Something Exciting?
This is how you wrap.
Subway Signature Wraps Rocking Horse
Introducing all-new
Subway Signature Wraps

Double Meat.
Double Flavor.

Steak & Cheese

Chicken Caesar

Bacon &

Make it what you want.

The commercial song is “William Tell Overture Meets Metal” by Erock. For those of you who like this song “William Tell Overture Meets Metal”, you can download it from Amazon or iTunes.

Watch the whole advertisement here.

Subway Signature Wraps: Rocking Horse
Client: Subway
Geo: United States
Released: March 2018
Advertising Agency: MMB, Boston
Music: William Tell Overture Meets Metal by Erock

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