TaylorMade Twist Face: Marshals

This is a commercial ad of TaylorMade. This commercial was released in July 2018 in United States. Under the title of “TaylorMade: Marshals”.

We designed Twist Face to deliver straight distance to every golfer. But what we didn’t count on is making every course marshal feel slightly underutilized.

It was done by Zambezi, Culver City advertising agency. And, the commercial by Production Company is The Cavalry and is directed by Travis Hanour.
TaylorMade Marshals
♬life can be mighty monotonous,
We’re always battlin’ boredom;
Where, tell me where has it gotten us?

Stuck in a rut, gettin’ nowhere fast!
Mmmm-mmm, I got the hum-drum blues!
Fightin’ the future and mad at the past!
Mmmm-mmm, I got the hum-drum blues!

Ooh honey,
When you ain’t got money,
Then you just can’t do as you choose;
Just gotta live with the hum-drum blues!

Don’t know which way I’m goin’,
I don’t know which way I come from?
Rainin’, a shine or a-snowin’,
Everything’s so doggone hum-drum!…♬

Twist Face
#1 Driver in Golf

The commercial song is “HumDrum Blues” by Oscar Brown Jr. For those of you who like this song “HumDrum Blues”, you can download it from Amazon or iTunes.

Watch the whole advertisement here.

TaylorMade TwistFace: Marshals
Client: TaylorMade
Geo: United States
Released: July 2018
Advertising Agency: Zambezi, Culver City
Account Supervisors: Michael Seide, Carly Ayres
Chief Strategy Officer: Kristina Jenkins
Strategy Director: Eric Tepe
Production Company: Zambezi
Director: Travis Hanour
DP: Diego Garcia
Executive Producer: Tanya Cohen
Producer: Pia-Louise Lauritsen
Editorial: Nomad
Editor: Kevin Clark
Executive Producer: Shannon Preece Clacker
Producer: Maria Leon
Color: The Mill
Colorist: Matt Osborne
Executive Producer: Thatcher Peterson
Color Producer: Liza Kerlin
Music: HumDrum Blues by Oscar Brown Jr.

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