Toyota Let’s go place: Stand Together

This is a commercial ad of Toyota. This commercial was released in August 2016 in United States. Under the title of “Toyota: Stand Together”.

Imagine if a simple gesture could unite the world. Because, as Toyota’s founder believed, we generate great power when we gather together.

It was done by Saatchi & Saatchi, Los Angeles advertising agency.

Well my temperature’s rising and my feet on the floor
Twenty people rockin’ and there wanna go more
Let me in baby, I don’t know what you’ve got
But you’d better take it easy, this place is hot
And I’m so glad we made it, so glad we made it
You got to gimme some lovin’
Gimme gimme some lovin’
Gimme some lovin’ every day
Toyota Let's go place Stand Together
Well, I feel so good, everything is sounding hot
Better take it easy, ’cause the place is on fire
So glad we made it, so glad we made it
You got to gimme some lovin’
Gimme gimme some lovin’
Gimme some lovin’ every day

The commercial song is “Gimme Some Lovin'” by Steve Winwood. For those of you who like this song “Gimme Some Lovin’”, you can download it from Amazon or iTunes.

Watch the whole advertisement here.

Toyota Let’s go place: Stand Together
Client: Toyota
Geo: United States
Released: August 2016
Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Los Angeles
Chief Creative Officer: Jason Schragger
Executive Creative Director: Fabio Costa
Creative Directors: Leo Circo, Chris Pierantozzi
Art Directors: Kevin Schroeder, Jeremy Carson
Copywriters: Randy Quan, Dan Sorgen
Executive Director / Integrated Production: Lalita Koehler
Director of Content: Sara Seibert
Executive Content Producer: Pamela Parsons
Senior Content Producer: Jennifer Vogtmann
Content Producer: Marina Korzon
Executive Digital Producer: Tarrah Barbour
Associate Producer: Kat Olschnegger
Director of Business Affairs: Keli Christy
Business Affairs Manager: Erin D’Angelo
Associate Director of Project Management: Angela Montoya
Group Account Director: Steven Sluk, Bryan DeSena
Account Director: Patrick Young
Account Supervisor: Joshua Phillips
Account Executive: Brad Sanders
Assistant Account Executives: Kate Jensen, Natalie Johnson
Social Engagement Manager: Allie Burrow
Director of Public Relations: Mike Cooperman
Group Strategic Planning Director: Evan Ferrari
Senior Strategic Planner: Julienne Lin
Executive Communications Director: John Lisko
Director / Paid Media: Chris Nicholls
Director / Earned Media: Romina Bongiovanni
Associate Director / Paid Social Media: Karen Ram
Supervisor / Paid Social Media: Talia DiDomenica
Supervisor / Paid Media: Helen Burdett, Sarah Buchalter
Planner / Paid Media: Mitchell Gilbert
Assistant / Paid Social Media: Patrick Butcher
Music: Gimme Some Lovin’ by Steve Winwood

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