Tres Agaves: Friendship

This is a commercial ad of Tres Agaves. This commercial was released in October 2016 in Mexico. Under the title of “Tres Agaves: Friendship”.

Not the spirit itself, but the spirit of the small town and valley it hails from. Born from a volcano and blue agave. Shaped by generations of Jimadores. Cared for by all those who eat, drink, and live Tequila every day.

This is a magical town filled with colorful people who live colorful lives. All 26,000 of them. So have a taste of our local spirit. Add lime and agave nectar if you like. But as always, start with Tres Agaves.

The commercial by Production Company is Embassy of Dreams, Berlin and is directed by Brigg Bloomquist.

Casta Diva, che inargenti
queste sacre antiche piante,
a noi volgi il bel sembiante…

The commercial song is “Norma: Casta Diva” by Vincenzo Bellini. For those of you who like this song “Norma: Casta Diva”, you can download it from Amazon or iTunes.

And I don’t know the information about this song’s artist. What is the artist name? If anyone knows this song’s artist, please leave a comment.

Tres Agaves: Friendship
Client: Tres Agaves
Geo: Mexico
Released: October 2016
Production Company: Embassy of Dreams, Berlin
Director: Brigg Bloomquist
Music: Norma: Casta Diva by Vincenzo Bellini

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