Valentino: Lune

This is a commercial ad of Valentino. This commercial was released in May 2019 in Italy. Under the title of “Valentino: Lune”.

Far away in a land called Montecito, Lilliya Scarlett Reid has it all: an incredible lemon tree, a beautiful pool, and enough time to imagine the boyfriend she’s always dreamed of.

Discover her day-to-day as she experiences it in #ValentinoLune, available at the link in bio. Shot by Christian Coppola.

The commercial by Production Company is Christian Coppola Films and is directed by Christian Coppola.

♬Colour my love
With a flower or just a kiss
Colour my love
I see dreams when I kiss your lips
Valentino Lune
Colour my love
On a rainbow, just me and you
Colour my love
Love has a colour, the colour of my love is you…♬

The commercial song is “Color My Love” by Fun Fun. For those of you who like this song “Color My Love”, you can download it from Amazon or iTunes.

Watch the whole advertisement here.

Valentino: Lune
Client: Valentino
Geo: Italy
Released: May 2019
Production Company: Christian Coppola Films
Director: Christian Coppola
Producer: Krista Worby
Director of Photography: Htat Lin Htut
Colour: The Mill
Colourist: Matt Osborne
Executive Producer, Colour: Linda Jackson
Colour Producer: Liza Kerlin
Production Coordinator, Colour: Jessica Amburgey
Colour Assist: Gemma Parr, Logan Highlen
Actress: Lilliya Scarlett Reid (American actress and model)
Music: Color My Love by Fun Fun

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