Valentino: Lune

This is a commercial ad of Valentino. This commercial was released in May 2019 in Italy. Under the title of “Valentino: Lune”.

Far away in a land called Montecito, Lilliya Scarlett Reid has it all: an incredible lemon tree, a beautiful pool, and enough time to imagine the boyfriend she’s always dreamed of.

Discover her day-to-day as she experiences it in #ValentinoLune, available at the link in bio. Shot by Christian Coppola.

The commercial by Production Company is Christian Coppola Films and is directed by Christian Coppola.
Valentino Lune
♬Colour my love
With a flower or just a kiss
Colour my love
I see dreams when I kiss your lips
Colour my love
On a rainbow, just me and you
Colour my love
Love has a colour, the colour of my love is you…♬

The commercial song is “Color My Love” by Fun Fun. For those of you who like this song “Color My Love”, you can download it from Amazon or iTunes.

Valentino: Lune
Client: Valentino
Geo: Italy
Released: May 2019
Production Company: Christian Coppola Films
Director: Christian Coppola
Producer: Krista Worby
Director of Photography: Htat Lin Htut
Colour: The Mill
Colourist: Matt Osborne
Executive Producer, Colour: Linda Jackson
Colour Producer: Liza Kerlin
Production Coordinator, Colour: Jessica Amburgey
Colour Assist: Gemma Parr, Logan Highlen
Actress: Lilliya Scarlett Reid (American actress and model)
Music: Color My Love by Fun Fun

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