Verizon: A Better Prepaid

This is a commercial ad of Verizon. This commercial was released in May 2016 in United States. Under the title of “Verizon: A Better Prepaid”.

Verizon Prepaid is the only prepaid that’s also on the best network. And when your prepaid is better, you kind of want everyone to know.

It was done by The Community, Miami advertising agency. And, the commercial by Production Company is Rattling Stick and is directed by Traktor.

My prepaid brings all the gigs to the plan
My network is better than yours
My prepaid is better than yours
No surprises, always know the charge
My prepaid lets me stream what I want
My speed is better than yours
My prepaid is better than yours
I can be free with no strings attached
Verizon A Better Prepaid
I wanna watch things on the best LTE
Cat gifs and crazy dogs
The funniest fails
And you know what?
It’s selfie time
La la la la la
No annual contracts
La la la la la
And awesome streaming
La la la la la
Watched like 12 shows
La la la la la
On the latest phones

With my prepaid Mexico feels like home
From ? I’ve never been gone
My grandma thinks I’m a good boy
Bye bye roaming, there’s no extra charge
My prepaid lets me add data on demand
My carrier is better than yours
Verizon is better than yours
I’d keep going but I have to charge
La la la la la
La la la la la

The commercial song is “Milkshake” by Kelis. For those of you who like this song “Milkshake”, you can download it from Amazon or iTunes.

In addition, the official Youtube channel of Kelis provides the official music video of this song “Milkshake”.

You can watch the full ad here.

Verizon: A Better Prepaid
Client: Verizon
Geo: United States
Released: May 2016
Advertising Agency: The Community, Miami
Production Company: Rattling Stick
Director: Traktor
Actors: AL Bayan, Kristel Kovner, Niraj Patel, Rich Ceraulo, Sunil Malhotra
Music: Milkshake by Kelis

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