Welcoming America: Portrait of a Dreamer

This is a commercial ad of Welcoming America. This commercial was released in March 2019 in United States. Under the title of “Welcoming America: Portrait of a Dreamer”.

At a time when the immigration debate is at a fever pitch and immigrants are framed by statistics and policy discussions, we believe it’s important to give a voice to those most affected by this issue.

Portrait of a Dreamer is the story of Fidencio Fifeld-Perez, an undocumented artist who came to the US at age seven. Through his curiosity about the actual route he took to come to America, he developed a passion for working with maps as part of the medium for his expression.

In this film, we see a glimpse of Fidencio’s experience as a DACA Dreamer who decided to complete the iconic George Washington Athenaeum portrait on the dollar bill.

It was done by TBD Advertising, San Francisco advertising agency.

The Famous Athenaeum portrait of George Washington used on the dollar bill was painted in 1796.
It was left unfinished.
Fidencio Fifield-Perez, a DACA recipient, decided to finish it.
Welcoming America Portrait of a Dreamer
It takes us all to make us whole
Welcoming America

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Watch the whole advertisement here.

Welcoming America: Portrait of a Dreamer
Client: Welcoming America
Geo: United States
Released: March 2019
Advertising Agency: TBD Advertising, San Francisco
Music: Stairway to Sydney by Lux Finite

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