YSL: Vernis À Lèvres Pop Water

This is a commercial ad of Yves Saint Laurent. This commercial was released in July 2016 in France. Under the title of “Yves Saint Laurent: Vernis À Lèvres Pop Water”.

For sheer color and intense hydration, splash into summer with Glossy Stain Pop Water, the 3rd revolution under the iconic Glossy Stain franchise. Formulated with water brilliance to provide 10 hours of hydration and a translucent pop of color.

Complete your Glossy Stain wardrobe with the original for intense color or with Rebel Nudes lips that sparkle. The applicator’s unique slanted tip and short soft bristles allow for flawless application with perfect precision.

I know he’s gonna be there
The guy I want
There she goes with a drink in her hand
YSL Vernis À Lèvres Pop Water
Speaking a language she can barely understand
I never felt
I never felt this jealousy

The commercial song is “Verte De Jalousie” by Blackout Babies. For those of you who like this song “Verte De Jalousie”, you can download it from Amazon or iTunes.

And, this commercial has another version with the same video but the music is different. The song is Original Music by XS Music. more

Watch the whole advertisement here.

YSL: Vernis À Lèvres Pop Water
Client: Yves Saint Laurent
Geo: France
Released: July 2016
Concept: Vallée Duhamel
Music: Verte De Jalousie by Blackout Babies

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